Posted on June 23, 2011


I have been working on the internet for a very long time building websites but never considered becoming a Blogger or even a Vlogger. To be honest with you I have hated the idea of having to blog. I have always seen Blogs as something different to websites. I am not surprised at this and believe the reason why it has taken me so long to become a Blogger is because I have never really seen anyone voluntarily link to any of my websites from a blog for many years. I have never needed to blog to make a website popular because there are directories we can submit our sites to. A powerful example is the Open Directory – otherwise known as DMOZ. It used to be easy to get a listing with DMOZ but now it seems almost impossible.

People who produce websites need links and in the past it was not too difficult to get them from other website owners because the internet was not as commercial as it is now. A lot of people are being told that if they upload “great content” then they can expect to see people linking to this content. This is so far from the truth and it is important for people to know about this lie because if  you decide to spend a lot of time putting something together on your website which is extremely high quality stuff then even if it is “great content” you will probably see it being used somewhere else and other sites linking to the material that has been copied from you. The internet is now a field for high tech plagiarism and so it is not a good idea to start a new website and make it “awesome” in the beginning. Probably the best way to start a website right now is to upload something that is not your best effort (but original) and then update it once in a while because search engine spiders will not be visiting your site very often unless you have a high Page Rank. In the past it was real easy to get Page Rank because other webmasters were happy to give links to your site. Since links have now become like currency you have a choice of either paying for links or watching the video below which will give you an idea of what is now expected to get good links.

I hope someone understands why I became a Blogger! Of course I could get into a long winded discussion giving a list with 20 technical reasons to become a blogger but I doubt people will want to read it because right now we are seeing a drop in people’s attention span on the internet. People are having problems concentrating when it comes to reading blogs and websites. They would rather skim over the material to simply view pictures and videos. This means that videos have now become important to website and blog owners because they will increase the likelihood of someone staying a bit longer on your page. Why would you want someone to stay too long on your blog page or website?  You would have to watch the next video to even begin to grasp the reason why!  If you are fascinated by this then be like everyone else and watch a video that explains it all.

Did you know that I now believe in original content? There is a technical problem with producing your own content (pictures, drawings, videos, music) because it is going to be used by others and if you do not own an extremely powerful network it is going to be difficult to protect yourself. I mentioned earlier that search engines are unable to protect us. I think that it is nothing to worry about to be honest with you and we should get used to the fact that people are going to copy our material all the time if we produce original content. No amount of technology from Google is going to be sophisticated enough to properly determine who is the actual originator. What am I talking about?  The next video production is something that most people on the internet don’t have any idea about , even though the definition for original is quite plain. You have to listen to what this woman is teaching if you want to be released from worrying about people plagiarizing your content.

I hope you enjoyed this. I am happy to be on WordPress and would like to tell you that my speciality is now Domain Name Value  and Original Website Worth. I have more to say but I doubt most people will have even reached this point in the page so I will stop. Nice to meet you, whoever you are!

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